Tri Peaks Solitaire Online for Android, iOS and PC

Play the famous Solitaire variation on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Tri Peaks Solitaire Classic


Tri Peaks Solitaire Online is another famous patience game variation for Android and iOS devices that is also known as Tri Towers or Magic Towers Solitaire. And this one is indeed quite a bit different from the original.

Online Solitaire with a twist

This online Solitaire game is one of the easier variations and the perfect game for Solitaire beginners to start with. But what is it about and why is it called Tri Peaks? Let's find out.

Online Solitaire in general is one of the most played card games on the internet or in the app stores. And while the classic free Solitaire can be a bit frustrating at times - especially for beginners - Tri Peaks is the perfect game to get accustomed to the general gameplay, but with a much easier goal.

Of course in the end you have to clear the table of all cards. But unlike the original Solitaire you are much less restricted in which cards you can play.

General Rules The goal is to clear all three towers (or peaks, hence the name) of cards by adding the visible cards of each tower to the one visible deck card on the low end of the screen. The card you add there must be one higher or one lower than the deck card. So if the deck card is a 7 you can either add a 6 or an 8. If you play the 8 the next card must be a 7 or a 9. It's quite easy. An Ace counts as 1, so you can either add a 2 or a King on top of it. As you can see you don't have to stick to an ascending or descending order in any way and neither do the cards need to be in the same or alternating suit. It's only about the numbers.

Solitaire Online Screenshot Solitaire Online Screenshot

Wildcard The wildcard on the right can be used at any time. Should you get stuck or see that the wildcard will allow you to play a series of cards without interruption, you can place it on any deck card. And afterwards any card can be placed on the wildcard. But remember that it can only be used once.

Undo Button We all make mistakes. But in the case of Tri Peaks Solitaire Online you can use the "undo" function and erase it. Well, at least your last move. Sometimes just after you have placed a card you recognize there would have been a more clever way to continue. Just hit that undo button and nobody will ask any questions!

Tri Peaks Solitaire Online Tips

Although this version may be the most accessible of all the Solitaire games it doesn't mean there can't be a few tips and tricks.

Time is essential The faster you solve the game the higher your score will be. On the left you can see your maximum score slowly decreasing. So be quick.

Longer card runs for more points Long card runs are essential for a good outcome. The longer you can stack cards on each other without having to change the deck card, the higher your score will be.

Use the wildcard only when you really need to A general rule for the use of the wildcard is to not use it unless you really have to. Always take a few seconds to check the deck if there is really no other option. Most of the time you will find a solution. So our tip here is that you best use the wildcard somewhere towards the very end of a round.

And now have fun with Tri Peaks Solitaire Online and work your way up to the other Solitaire versions. Feel free to play on any mobile phone, tablet or PC you have available. Tri Peaks Solitaire will run on any current Android smartphone, on basically all iPhones and of course on your PC or Mac.


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